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In the past I wasn’t confident that I could say, “I give good head.” Many women, like me, are not sure if what they’re doing is the best it could be. Once you have the ability you’ll be able to do it as slow or as fast as you want.They are unsure if they’re lover is really enjoying their technique. And it’s never stopped me from giving an amazing blowjob. Just don’t do it fast the first time, because you most definitely will gag and gag badly.I like Nina’s videos, because she explains things and you also hear from the men what they like.Nina Hartley’s Advanced Guide to Oral Sex (Watch online) * There is a new release that has become THE instructional DVD.This next special technique will have him feeling just like you are deep throating. Whatever part of the penis you can’t take into your mouth, just wrap your hand (s) around his shaft and simultaneously move your hand (s) up and down with your mouth.This will feel as though you’re taking in the whole penis, even though you’re not.Yet, the men are often free to admire or even have sex with the "sluts", while despising them at the same time.An alternative view, extant since the 19th century, is that because men are sometimes seen as innately slutty, calling one a slut doesn't mean much.

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* I found Nina Hartley’s videos to be very helpful in not only techniques, but what parts of the penis and balls are most sensitive.The amount of information is tremendous, but not at all overwhelming.Both lovers learn how to experience pleasure during this very intimate act. Tristan Taormino’s Expert Guide To Oral Sex 2: Fellatio (Watch online) * Now if you’re not into watching videos, Sadie Allison has recently come out with a terrific guide on pleasuring the penis, different tips and techniques that will bring manual and oral penis pleasuring skills to new heights, but in a fun, step by step, instructional manner.People who don't live by the standard that Sex Is Evil are sometimes called "sluts", for good or ill. In the case of Slut Shaming, however, having sex is stigmatized (by a party that does not approve of it) as evil. Or even Ethical Slut, when it's portrayed as a good thing.