Nene leakes dating al reynolds

came on the screen and threw some shade at their marriage.

Al grabbed his ivory princess phone, immediately called his seamstress and let her know that she can start making the rhinestone onesie (with the cut out nipples holes and drop pocket ass) they talked about since he’s about to come into some real money.

I mean, this bitch has busted gay face and busted gay voice!

He’s looking at the interviewer like she’s a 10-inch cock.

And then Al put down the phone, took a dramatic queen breath, picked it up again and called his lawyers to let them know that Star broke their contact and she must pay!

Get ready to ring the bell, because there’s about to be a three bitch brawl.While promoting the show, Ne Ne said that if Star was on fire, she wouldn’t even throw one spit ball her way.Ironically, Ne Ne is now hanging around with a flame who used to engulf Star back in the day.sounds like the name of a gay parody porn from 1999 that I would’ve spent 197 hours trying to download off of Napster thanks to my dial-up internet connection always getting interrupted by stupid ass phone calls!So last night was the (who make me want to give myself a damn black eye) tried to take my hand and lead me to the speaker so that I could put my ear to it and feel the bass hump my senses, but I left them hanging.

Nene leakes dating al reynolds