Dating for professional women

However, at this point, you aren't only overqualified for most jobs on the market, but you're also overqualified for the dating market.

Most men are either scared of you or can't seem to handle the demands of your career.

Most women enter “caring” professions like education (teachers), medicine (nurses), child care (daycare providers), and service (customer service/sales).

Which means a “professional” won’t make attentive mothers of your children, nor make efforts to be a good wife to you.

She might need a night out with the girls to drink some cosmos and unwind.

She will probably talk about you to her friends because that's what girls do. Don't be that guy blowing up her phone because she needs a few hours to herself.

And some women are even honest to themselves that they do want a man; they simply want a child.

They’re raised to believe men and women are both equal– so traditional male-female roles can be thrown out the window.

Professional, career women are really, in many regards, to get a male brain.

If someone were to ask you what you've done over the past decade, what would you say? If that's the case, you chose to pursue some crazy demanding career, the kind of career that demands to be in the center of attention in your life, much like an attention-deprived toddler.

Most of you probably went off to college, got bachelor's degrees, landed good jobs and maybe even maneuvered up the corporate ladder. Maybe you found "the one." Maybe you got married, had a baby or two or even watched them grow up a little. Then, you have done nothing but nurture that for the past decade.