Dating scent bottle

A spicy, seductive scent that is good for cold weather at night. It's smoky and mysterious, it conjures nice thoughts and gets many compliments.

A crowded genre for scents but this is one that I rarely smell anymore, so you might actually stand out. I wore this with a suit and i swear i never knew women could act like men when they want you. You only need a little bit because the sillage and strength is very strong. Sillage:8/10 Armani Code - got a new small bottle recently.

The leather and anise blend quite nicely together to give a smoother, deep leather scent, as opposed to a shoe or belt leather, while the citrus stays far more into the background.

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This perfume is the winner of award Fi Fi Award Fragrance Of The Year Men`s Luxe 2006.But it is interesting to make the comparison as that first bottle I purchased was strong, sweet Tonka, heavy leather and the longevity and sillage were monsterous to the point I wanted it to fade away and stop, it was almost too much for me.In comparison this stuff today is a joke to be marketed as the same product so what's going on?Additionally, to me, the scent seems quite similar to Chanel's Bleu de Chanel.When I smelled this fragrance I thought I encountered something similar, but it was the not smell of a fragrance, but my shaving cream by Gilette. For some men I see this working out well, but for me it was a no-no as it was not compatible with my skin.