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Most PCs can be forcibly switched off – even when they’ve crashed – by holding the power button down for 3 seconds.But we also know, or should know, that doing this isn’t good for the computer.In fact it can corrupt your SD card so that you have to re-image it.Not a huge deal, unless you’ve just done a long compile and not yet backed up the files.(For example, 2GB is the stated minimum RAM, but Adobe recommends 8GB.).Even streaming Netflix in 4K needs not only a fast Internet connection, but hardware capable of playing it smoothly.

For the Raspberry Pi, it can cause problems on your SD card.) …but be aware that when the system goes down or reboots, your ssh session will end (obviously, you can’t be connected to a machine which is shut down). We know which bits work, which bits don’t, and when we need to wiggle the USB plug to make it connect properly. In the past, new versions of operating systems were not a big priority for many users.No matter how hard you try to future-proof your PC, there will always be something that needs upgrading soon.Unless you build your own system, you’ll eventually need to just bite the bullet and get a whole new machine.