Verizon updating evdo towers

You may be in an EVDO area, but if your card doesn't have the tower in the list, it won't know to attempt to connect to the new tower!

Your EVDO modem does automatically "know" to add new towers to its PRL, so it is highly recommended that you manually update your PRL monthly so that you can ensure that your EVDO device is always able to connect to the currently available EVDO towers.

I have an old Alltel account so the "natural" PRL would seek Alltel towers first and switch to Verizon towers only if it wasn't satisfied by a local Alltel tower.

The reason for the poor signal was explained like this...

Need help determining which version PRL you have and updating to the latest version?

Follow these steps: Using your aircard in a Cradlepoint router?

Street level coverage area maps will be available online on Dec.I'm in a fringe area and have to jump through some hoops to get a decent signal (external antenna & booster), but I usually get in the area of -70dbm. Answer: No, once assigned a hybrid PRL, the system will update to another hybrid PRL. So, what can anyone tell me about hybrid PRL's and how permanent the assignment might be. I have worked with Verizon tech support several times because frequently my Mi Fi 2200 would switch to 1x RTT. We are entirely impartial and all of our data reflects the real-world state of network coverage. To help contribute to our Verizon coverage map simply download the Android or i OS app from the banner above.