Sample national and local reports can be downloaded and viewed online.Online Dating Magazine Industry Guide Industry guide features news and information for the online dating and matchmaking market, with topics covered including key participant profiles and interviews, news and feature stories, research articles, inside the industry columns, and more.Consumers are often searching for people who share their views and values; advertisers should not take advantage of this by implying that websites are only open to specific groups or those with certain interests if they are not.For example, a dating site that gave the impression it was for Catholic people looking to meet others with the same faith, when in fact it was open to other users as well, was found to be misleading (Inch by Inch Ltd, 13 August 2014).Survey summary containing highlights from the survey and detailed survey results is available free online.Dating Services Market "Nature of the Business" chapter includes operating ratios for franchised services, with data provided including average gross revenues for small, mid-size, and large metro areas, advertising expense, profit margins, and office staff, rent, and overhead expense.After the test is finished, the result will be displayed below.

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Pew Research Center Online Dating Research study provides in-depth analysis of the U.

online dating market from a consumer standpoint, with table of contents sections including Part 1: Introduction; Part 2: The State of Relationships in America; Part 3: Who Is Dating Online?

Singles Market / Matchmaking Market / singles / matchmaking The above sections provide a summary overview of the matchmaking industry and include additional references for more information.

Matchmakers Survey Professional matchmaker survey topics include sources of business and income (e.g., personal matchmaking, coaching, and online dating), number of locations and staffing, types of services offered, client demographics and characteristics, gross revenues, net income, and primary and secondary geographic markets.