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He eventually grows to headliner status, yet retains a great capacity for love and strong faith.

Heading Infinity's production as Johnny Cash, Hope meets all acting and singing requirements, with the added attraction of good looks and ingratiating charm, and enough insight to avoid imitating Cash while evoking his presence.

Amy was originally on course to become a classical singer but strayed from this path when she heard (at the age of sixteen) Janis Joplin singing 'Take Another Piece Of My Heart', the rawness of the vocals and how they were portrayed, spoke a story and one that Amy has aspired to ever since....FULL BIOGRAPHY UNDER THE RADAR is how the vocalist Amy Mayes has been described.This up and coming artist has been making waves, and in her words, ‘slowly but surely’. she wrote “The Dreaming Kind” for the people at Sandy Hook Promise who work hard to educate protect our nation from further tragedy. GET IT HERE: [email protected] #thedreamingkind Doing my Christmas shopping at @the Shop Forward ...bought my roommates each one #Four Things Tote and myself two!!!