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When she isn’t busy acting, Monroe is kiteboarding.In fact, up until age 17, she lived in the Dominican Republic as a top-ranked professional kiteboarder.The parents of Marissa Tomei are putting back the pieces of their broken home after winning their two-year court battle against the son of John Lennon.

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is in its second season and its actors are getting older, fans are growing increasingly curious about the personal lives of its stars. The film will center on White and Monroe’s characters, who develop a close friendship after one of them is diagnosed with a life-changing illness.

What’s the true story behind the Oscar-winning star never getting hitched?

We’ve done some digging and found out the thing that stopped her from ever marrying.

But the Tomeis' reaction was to call such a plan 'ludicrous.'As for the tree, it is an invasive species that was introduced to the United States through China, nicknamed by some as the Tree of Heaven.

It is also known the for the sour odor it produces when cut, grows new roots constantly and moves those roots around to steal from the supply of other plants - or even crack the walls of a basement.