Xmlvalidatingreader example c net

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This article explains about the XML Prograaming using VB. In this article we will explore XML classes and namespaces of . This class provides many write method to write XML document items.

Some of these methods are Move To Attribute, Move To First Attribute, Move To Content, Move To First Content, Move To Element and Move To Next Attribute. The following example in List 4 shows you how to use Xml Document class's Read, Read Xml and Save methods. The Xml Data Document is used to provide synchronization between Data Set and XML documents.

The Xml Reader class is an abstract bases classes and contains methods and properties to read a document. Besides reading functionality, this class also contains methods to navigate through a document nodes. Load Xml method loads XML document from a specified string. Using Save method you can write XML data to a string, stream, Text Writer or Xml Writer.

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